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Nr.: 1643

WING HARNESS BELT, The First Ever solution for Wing-Foiling on the Market!

Indeed Forward WIP is the first water sports equipment & protection brand on the market to offer the “right stuff” for Wing-Foiling. The Harness Belt has been designed after countless hours both on the water and at our Design Studio. Expert and Beginners have been participated to help develop this exciting product.
The traction generated by the wing is only 5 to 6 kg. Therefore the conventional (Kite – Windsurfing) harness is not appropriate. The most important flaw being the metallic – hard hook that surely will harm the deck of the board while getting back on it. This is why we have specially designed a hook made of nylon. Its shape allows a quick on/off and it protects your board. The soft and light length adjustable lines are easily attached to the Wing’s handle. Ideally positioned on the back, we have added a strap webbing handle in order to attach the board’s leash. Therefore we solved the interference problem of the leash during the transition (tacking – jibing). It allows a great freedom for the footwork.

Specially designed to fit with our Best Seller, the FLOW NEO VEST 50N, this Combo provides both comfort and safety. Wing-Foiling remains dangerous as foil’s trailing edge is a sharp object. Potential injuries may occur especially while getting in and out of the water. Or when riding. So BETTER be « Safe than Sorry ! »

Purposely minimalist, our WING HARNESS BELT follows the philosophy of this new and amazing sport. Freedom, Simplicity and Versatility. While relieving from fatigue it also improves the rider’s position. Less  Pain, More Joy !


•  Adjustable belt in waist size 89 to 108cm - For all sizes.
•  Simple and ultra-light - Minimalist, good fit, excellent freedom of movement.
•  Ergonomic hook - Quick to attach and detach. Made of reinforced plastic to avoid damaging the board.
•  Back belt loop - To attach the leash of the board. It improves the footwork as it won’t tangle around your feet during the transitions (tacking – Jibing)
Nr.  1643