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CHF 800.00

Nr.: 522
180 - 246cm

Proudly made in the USA. Monocoque custom composite body and tail-piece. The Pro 1 Carbon booms have exceptional strength to weight properties and incredible torsional rigidity. The boom head fits both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. New Loop-N-Go outhaul block with rope retention gets you out on the water faster. Straight arm sections combined with more grip area around the compact head make this our most popular small carbon boom

Made in the USA
NEW Monocoque custom composite body, specialized bend curve
NEW StifferTailpiece design 50cm (Flattened structural cross section-sleek profile)
NEW Loop-N-Go outhaul block for quick, centered sail position with built-in rope retention
2-Pin fiber composite hinging collar for 1 handed adjustments
Permanent absolute boom length markings
Harness line index markings
Fully articulating low-profile head
Positive snap-in skinny adapter
Marke  Chinook
Nr.  522