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Nr.: 1495

The Moon Buddy has been fully optimized for all things SUP and Wing foiling. Drafting off the design of the Escape Pod’s drag-minimizing bottom contours and blended with a low swing weight and stubby nose design, the Moon Buddy carves rolling waves, connects open-ocean energy on downwind runs and provides a stable platform for wing surfing.

Performance outline that is stable, easy to paddle, and has a low-swing weight for on-foil control.

Double concave hull design with front anti-sway fin make for forward projection, early release and deflection.
Tail kick for pumping clearance.

Slight deck concave that projects better board feel and balance.
Lightweight EPS core in a vacuum-bag construction process. - Bamboo top and bottom lamination for durability.
High-density foam I-beam foil box construction.
Full deck EVA pad with inserts for strap placement.
Non-obtrusive carrying handle.

5`0 Length, 26" Width, 4.6" Thickness, 80L Volume, 11.2 lb (5.08 kg) Weight
6`0 Length, 29.1" Width, 5.1" Thickness, 120L Volume, 15 lb (6.8 kg) Weight
7`0 Length, 31.5" Width, 5.3" Thickness, 151L Volume, 18.6 lb (8.4 kg) Weight
Nr.  1495